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We do cool machines at Setpoint.  We take concepts that are no more than a twinkle in our customers’ eye then our team dreams up a solution, whiteboards it, designs it, assembles it, and the programmers breathe life into it.  We ship it to the customer and get to start all over again on something different.  You get the idea, it doesn’t get boring here.  In the last year we’ve worked on projects in the ammunition, automotive alternative energy, amusement, medical device, automotive safety device, and filtration industries.  If you’re still reading this… we’re not stuck designing the same screw over and over again. We are an open book company so each week you will know if we’re making or losing money.  In fact our former CFO, Joe Knight, wrote one of Harvard Business Review’s bestsellers called Financial Intelligence.  Setpoint also developed the best project management system around.  Oh yeah, Harvard Business Review press published that book too Project Management for Profit. If this highly dynamic environment sounds exciting to you, you must apply now!  Smart, funny people are always welcome!


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