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Setpoint Announces Release of Revised Edition of Financial Intelligence

OGDEN, Utah  March 2013– Setpoint Systems (, a leader in design and manufacture of custom lean automation solutions and manufacturing equipment today announced the release of the revised edition of the acclaimed business management book “Financial Intelligence”. The new book is co-authored by Setpoint’s CFO, Joe Knight, along with Karen Berman and John Case, and published by Harvard Business Review (February 19, 2013).

Since its initial release in 2006, Financial Intelligence has become a favorite of managers worldwide for its straight talk regarding business finance. Given the insights in the book, managers who have little or no experience with the details of finance can easily understand not only what the numbers mean, but why they are important.

According to co-author, Joe Knight, “The original idea behind Financial Intelligence was to give management an understanding of business finance that they can use every day. If we can arm non-accounting management personnel with that knowledge, their jobs get a whole lot easier. Their decision-making will be based on a more complete set of facts, and the end-goal of optimizing profitability is kept at the forefront of their efforts every day.” 

The revised edition still includes the same foundation of information that made the first edition such a hit, as well as many additional key points that will clarify the gray areas of business accounting that most “non-accountants” struggle to understand.  Included in the updated version are new details including: GAAP accounting versus non-GAAP; why non-profits groups need to make profits; mark-to-market accounting; the “big five” numbers investors care about; and “economic value added” and “economic profit” defined.

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Setpoint provides lean automation engineering services specializing in the design, build, and programming of complete custom automated solutions. Setpoint has more than 20 years of experience designing and building lean automated manufacturing systems for a wide range of companies and industries. Setpoint’s employees are continually trained in the Toyota Production System methodology of manufacturing and have extensive experience in working with some of the most discerning manufacturers practicing lean principles today. 


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