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Setpoint Named 2014 Utah Manufacturer of the Year

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OGDEN, Utah November 2014 — Setpoint Systems ( was honored with the prestigious Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA) 2014 Manufacturer of the Year award. The sought-after award recognizes Setpoint for its excellence in business performance, quality of operational excellence, economic achievement, financial stability, community and State outreach, and contribution to the growth of the State.


Setpoint, a Utah-based company with a global footprint, plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry. Using lean automation engineering services, Setpoint transforms customers' strict specifications into custom automation solutions that increase safety, productivity, and quality. It serves a diverse set of industries including ammunition manufacturing equipment, automotive safety, medical devices, and world-class amusement parks. 

Setpoint supports the manufacturing industry with its dedication to innovation—both in its manufacturing processes and in its project and financial management strategies. Empowered employees, customer engagement, a unique culture, and open book management are at the core of Setpoint's distinctive approach to doing business. This nontraditional management methodology combined with an engaged workforce delivers responsive projects that stay on track and supports exponential growth, as was demonstrated in 2010 when Setpoint successfully fostered nearly 100 percent growth in one fiscal year. Setpoint continues to exhibit steady and strong revenue performance. To provide ample room for this projected growth, Setpoint just added to its heart of operations with more building space—boosting its capacity to take on more projects with 70,000 square feet of workspace.

For Setpoint, being honored with this distinguished award recognizes its commitment to its people, process, products, and community and reaffirms its direction going forward. Setpoint promises exciting and even more productive offerings in 2015 such as opening up its own machine and fabrication shop and marketing a proprietary line of servo actuated presses. Mark Coy, Setpoint President/CEO, reveals, "Our goal for 2015 is to be the fastest in the industry."


About Setpoint: 

Setpoint has provided lean automation engineering services for more than 20 years, specializing in the design, build, and programming of complete custom automated solutions. Setpoint provides its customers with automated manufacturing solutions for a wide range of companies and industries including automotive safety, medical device, and ammunition manufacturing. Its employees are continually trained in lean manufacturing methodologies of manufacturing and have extensive experience in working with some of the most discerning manufacturers practicing lean principles today. Setpoint has a proven financial and project management system that delivers innovative solutions on time and on budget.

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Nick Banz

Setpoint Systems, Inc.

(801) 528-6140 


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