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Setpoint Opens New Facility

Setpoint New Building

OGDEN, Utah – On Thursday June 11, Setpoint Systems Inc, one of the world’s premier providers of custom automation, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of their new building on 1483 W 2550 S. Setpoint president Mark Coy said, “We’ve been in business for over 23 years but the growth we are experiencing right now is unprecedented.” Coy continued, “We are involved with some of the most exciting companies in the world. The nature of the work which we do requires confidentiality so we don’t get to brag about our customers or their projects. But if the residents of this community and state knew what kind of work was going on their own backyard, I think they’d be very proud. We are quietly making very significant contributions to some of the most fascinating industries in the world.”


Setpoint’s new facility is the former Barnes Aerospace building. Coy said, “When we bought this building, it was an eyesore. Setpoint Building BeforeWe are pleased with the work we have done so far. We aren’t done though. The future will require us to modify and improve this facility. The success we hope to have in the years to come will happen in this building. We now have an additional 40,000 square feet to manufacture some of the most complex automation systems in the world.” Setpoint has also taken measures to become greener. Instead of razing the structure and starting from scratch, Setpoint has retro-fitted their building to be more energy efficient. Setpoint also has plans to install an electric car-charging station for employees and customers. Josh Hays, Business Development Manager said, “We recognize the benefits of going green. We have customers that are global leaders in green technology. Our focus on lean manufacturing is a natural companion to green initiatives. Our focus has always been on reducing waste.”  

Setpoint has provided lean automation engineering services for more than 23 years, specializing in the design, build, and programming of complete custom automated solutions. Setpoint provides its customers with automated manufacturing solutions for a wide range of companies and industries including automotive safety, medical device, and ammunition manufacturing. Its employees are continually trained in lean manufacturing methodologies of manufacturing and have extensive experience in working with some of the most discerning manufacturers practicing lean principles today. Setpoint has a proven financial and project management system that delivers innovative solutions on time and on budget.

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