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Setpoint Provides Judge for Concept to Company Contest

Ogden, Utah, October 2008—Brad Angus of Setpoint Systems, Inc., an industrial automation integration firm, served as a judge for the first ever Concept to Company Contest sponsored by Grow Utah Ventures, Zions’s Bank, USTAR and the city of Ogden.

The Concept to Company Contest came about as a way to support local entrepreneurs who have good ideas.  The contest in Ogden was open to entrepreneurs who would be willing to relocate to Ogden to open their business.

Out of over 125 applications the panel of judges, which included Brad Angus, selected Pressure Pak, WickWerks, RackLadder and AdRax to receive the awards to launch their businesses.  The goal was to provide all sports-minded entrepreneurs with a way to receive some recognition and obtain funding if needed.

Brad said that “There are a lot of people with great ideas in the marketplace, and with contests such as this, many will be able to be commercialized.”


About Setpoint:

Setpoint provides engineering services specializing in the design, build, and controls programming of turn-key custom automated solutions. Setpoint has more than 16 years of experience designing and building lean automated solutions for a wide range of manufacturers. All of Setpoint’s employees have been trained in the TPS methodology and have direct experience with some of the most discerning manufacturers practicing lean manufacturing principles today.

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