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Donation to BYU

Ogden, Utah, June 2007 – Setpoint Systems, Inc., a manufacturing automation firm, donated a Demco WedgeTM to Brigham Young University’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program to provide an opportunity to incorporate practical experience for the mechanical and electrical engineers in their education.

Students from BYU tour the Setpoint facilityThe Wedge will provide experience working with motion devices and logic control systems.  Currently there are 180 students enrolled in the Manufacturing Engineering Technology undergraduate program at Brigham Young University.  In the automation course the students will have the opportunity to program the wedge to perform a variety of tasks including pick and place or electrical tests.

“Through this donation, we hope to show our support to BYU and the Manufacturing Engineering Technology Program,” said Clark Carlile, VP of Sales & Customer Relations.  “Because the majority of our engineers at Setpoint come from Utah schools, we wanted to give something back to the community that has given so much to us.”  This donation is not the first time Setpoint and BYU have worked together.  Every year Setpoint sends someone to introduce how mechanical and electrical engineering technologies are used everyday in automating manufacturing processes to the students enrolled in the College of Engineering & Technology.

Clarke Carlile presents the Demco Wedge to Perry Carter of BYU

The engineers at Setpoint Systems, Inc. have been using the Demco product line for years.  The Demco WedgeTM incorporates lean manufacturing with cells that are easy to change out and expand upon as the need arises.  This system provides a basic building block to begin automation on a product line while still allowing the flexibility of easy changeovers.  The wedge will provide students the opportunity for hands on use of standardized automation with multiple options for changing out tooling that is so prevalent in the manufacturing world today.  With the quick change out tooling the wedge can be used to perform multiple tasks.


About Setpoint:

Since 1992 Setpoint has designed, manufactured, and marketed automated manufacturing equipment to increase productivity and quality for companies in a variety of industries.  Setpoint has developed a methodology and system that mitigates customers’ risk and maximizes the customers’ return on investment.

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