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Partnership for Government Contracts

Ogden, Utah  May 2007 – Setpoint Systems, Inc., an automated engineering solutions provider, has teamed up with MTC Technologies to work together under the DESP II government-contracting vehicle.  By working with MTC, Setpoint hopes to be able to provide a combined effort offering a complete set of competencies.

The DESP II contract has a five-year ordering period for work to be completed by June 2012.  This potential $1.9 billion action provides for engineering and technical services in support of all Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) weapon systems, subsystems, and related processes.

“By teaming with MTC we hope to be able to have the full range of capabilities needed to complete the contract,” says Brad Angus, CEO of Setpoint Systems.


About Setpoint:

Since 1992 Setpoint has designed, manufactured, and marketed automated manufacturing equipment to increase productivity and quality for companies in a variety of industries.  Setpoint has developed a methodology and system that mitigates customers’ risk and maximizes the customers’ return on investment.

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