Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment - Loading Machine

Ammo Loading Machine

Current ammunition manufacturing equipment is outdated and has a high operating cost.  Setpoint's automated ammunition loader is a modern machine that uses lean manufacturing techniques for unmatched precision ammunition loading.  With Setpoint's ammunition loader you will have the ammunition manufacturing equipment of the Twenty-First Century.

Benefits of the Ammo Loading Machine

  • Short lead times - call for current lead time
  • Quick changeover capability - less than 10 minutes caliber to caliber
  • A wide range of load data recipes can be stored and accessed via touch screen
  • Automated precision adjustments controlled by touch screen


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Ammo Loader Optional Features

  • Case mouth waterproofing
  • Up to .338 Lapua Cal tooling
  • Auto case & projectile pre-feed
  • Interconnected conveyor systems
  • Precision carbide production dies

Ammunition Manufacturing Equipment Specifications

  • Power Service Requirements - 480VAC, 3 phase, 60A
  • Air Requirments - 80PSI
  • Number of Operators <1
  • Caliber Changeover - average time 10 minutes caliber to caliber
  • Standard Cartridge Range - .223 Rem to .338 Lapua Mag

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