Robotic Integration and Automated Machines

Robotic Integration And Automated Machines

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Automating repetitive and manual manufacturing processes can achieve higher quality, lower costs, greater flexibility, waste reduction, and result in overall long-term profits.  Two popular options for lean automation are building custom automated assembly equipment machines or integrating custom robotic solutions.  Whether you need a small or large scale automated solution does not matter, we have worked to accomplish both.  If you are interested in automation please contact us for a free consultation to help you gain a better understanding if automation is a good solution for you or not.

High Quality Robot Systems Integration

The robots we can integrate in your manufacturing line include ones from well known brands such as ABB, Epson, Fanuc, Motoman, and Yamaha.  With all of our lean automation solutions we will handpick custom robots to fit your needs, budget, and objectives.  Custom robotic programming will also ensure that the robots achieve full capabilities and capacity.  We will ensure that all aspects of robotic integration are considered from safety to quality.

Achieve Manufacturing Flexibility

Integrating robotics as a manufacturing automation solution can help you achieve maximum flexibility in your manufacturing processes.  Robots can be developed, installed, and applied to many facets of the manufacturing process including precision part handling, assembly, coating, dispensing, material cutting (laser, plasma, and waterjet), material handling (diecast, machine loading, packaging, palletizing, part transfer, and press tending), and material removal (deburring, polishing, and sanding).  If there is an area that needs to be automated robots can probably do it and we can help you find out if it would have a positive ROI (Return on Investment) or not.

Custom built automated machines are another option for streamlining the manufacturing process.  If the integration of robotics is not a good option, designing a custom automated machine is a good option for many situations.  We already have experience developing custom automated machines such as real time radiography using filmless x-ray inspection, pyrotechnic powder loading and assembly, torque stations both with and without auto screw feed options, crimping and tube swaging machines, ammunition manufacturing equipment and press machines.  If you have one of the above needs or a custom need contact us to see if we can assist you.



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