Project Management For Profit Published

project-management-for-profit-hbpProject Management For Profit

A Failsafe Guide to Keeping Projects on Track and on Budget
Published by Harvard Business Review Press


Keep your project on schedule while maximizing your profit

Have you have ever been frustrated on other automation projects?  Do you know when it will be delivered?  How’s feature creep being managed?  Every project has it’s own intricacies that require good project management.

This easy to implement system has been developed and field tested for almost two decades.  This system will teach you how to:

  • Track progress on a weekly basis against budget and deadlines
  • Empower your team to fix whatever goes wrong
  • Identify the real financial impact of customer change requests as they happen, and precisely incorporate every change into the overall project cost
  • Create a detailed database of past projects to calculate costs and hours for the most accurate budgets

You can even require those who are working on your projects to follow this system so that you know where your project stands.

“We used to be unable to determine how much we made or lost on a job until after it was over. Now we know where we stand financially at every stage of every job. Having fresh financial metrics has given us the power to quickly address project financial issues before they become overwhelming.”

Stephanie Nix | President/Co-owner, Claude H. Nix Construction Co  

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