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Manual assembly can create inconsistencies in the process resulting in more scrap, low quality or slow throughput.  Utilizing automated processes, increases productivity and quality.  Setpoint can help you realize the many advantages when incorporating automation.


Benefits from automating your process:

  • Increase quality and capacity
  • Improve operators safety
  • Produce consistent products to your specification
  • Higher throughput with a highly efficient machine
  • Eliminate ergonomic injuries to production personnel


Pyrotechnic Powder Loading and Assembly

Delivering Automation Equipment

By combining Setpoint’s automation expertise with robust planning, definition, and execution, Setpoint delivers custom, automated equipment that has the potential to reduce costs, while increasing productivity and capacity. A single operator can oversee and manage multiple steps at a time in one place, reducing cost and reducing staffing requirements while increasing overall throughput.

Ultimately, you want a machine that delivers on promises. With automatic part verification, you can be sure that every piece that leaves your facility meets the highest level of quality that you have defined and that your customers expect.


Increasing Safety along with Capacity with Automated Solutions – Pyrotechnic Powder Loading and Assembly

Setpoint has extensive experience in designing and building energetic automation solutions that includes weighing, filling, and assembling parts with explosive materials.  Setpoint was challenged with an assembly line that dealt with explosive powders, requiring extreme safe handling of pyrotechnic materials. Before Setpoint came in, the customer was struggling with how to increase capacity, reduce costs, and maintain safety with their current equipment. Their old assembly system was not able to meet the demand without increasing safety risks to the operators, plant, and equipment.  

Setpoint met the demands by creating combination machines that precisely weighed and filled a pyrotechnic powder into a cup and applied a cap sealing, all in an integrated system that maintained a cycle time of less than 4 seconds. By incorporating an error-proof part orientation system on each position, we were able to ensure that all parts were placed accurately and no energetic material was dispensed incorrectly. By eliminating the potential for unplanned ignition, operators were kept safe and efficiencies high.  These features, in addition to easy operator monitoring through a PLC, made it possible for one operator to safely monitor the entire machine. 

By planning and defining risky areas before prototyping the solution, Setpoint was able to deliver a successful solution for the customer. We eliminated the material handling hazard to the operator, plant, and equipment, as well as improved the operational availability (OA) from 80 to 95 percent.


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