Testing and Inspection Equipment

Electrical TestSetpoint integrates testing and inspection of your parts right into your automation equipment.  Building in quality, rather than inspecting in the quality of your products, is more efficient and builds better products in the long run.  Whether you need non-destructive electrical testing, leak testing, or real-time radiography inspection, Setpoint has a solution that will meet and exceed your needs.  Solutions include: 

  • Seamless and easy integration with your current production line
  • Quick and accurate part processing  with automated sequences and in process quality verifications
  • Work in progress tracking measuring each part to validate against specific tolerances
  • Ensured part compliance, no bad parts passed downstream


The Hardest Test Your Parts Will Ever Take

Setpoint has a long history of producing non-destructive testing and inspection equipment, and we consistently develop high-quality, accurate, and reliable equipment for our customers.  When the end product is a life-saving device, it is crucial that we can ensure 100 percent product reliability and quality.

Setpoint has integrated thermo transient or resistance testing such as continuity, bridge-wire, or insulation tests; electrical tests, vision inspection, real time radiography x-ray inspections, and more. Setpoint builds machines customized to your specific needs and products. We can combine testing and inspections to provide you with the highest quality products for your customers.


Testing and Inspection All within One Machine Real Time Radiography (RTR)

Real Time Radiography (RTR) X-Ray InspectionOne of our customers came to us with a need for a non-destructive test and inspection in one machine for a high-volume assembly. They needed an automatic testing process that would still provide a high level of throughput.

Setpoint designed and built a custom solution combining x-ray inspection using RTR (Real Time Radiography) and an electrical test.  Parts were processed in a three second cycle time through automated part on and offload, while increasing efficiencies.

  • Reduced line floor space by 54% through combining the process of two machines into one
  • Reduced scrap rate by 84%
  • Decreased labor minutes per unit by 50%
  • Increased throughput by 33%


The RTR x-ray provides a non-destructive inspection process that inspects for presence of internally nested components.  The filmless x-ray images and related data can be archived to DVDs or a network drive for storage and review. A simultaneous non-destructive electrical test ensures compliance of each part.

The entire inspection process takes place in a certified, lead-lined containment cabinet to maintain safety from exposure to x-rays generated in the inspection process. Additionally, the turn-key system is customizable for multiple parts within a family size, ensuring complete assembly and electrical compliance of each individual part.

The resulting system provides a reliable solution with a compact footprint for easy integration into any new or existing process.


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