Robotic Automation

Automation using robotics

Robotic automation makes production more consistent, from simple to more complex tasks and from assembly to material handling.  Setpoint has integrated both large and small scale robots in every function of manufacturing.  Setpoint is an authorized integrator of FANUC robots, and has experience with most industrial robotics brands.

Industrial Robot Applications:

  • Assembly
  • Material Handling
  • Pick & Place
  • Welding
  • Palletizing
  • Painting
  • Cutting, Grinding and Polishing
  • Gluing


Give us a call, Setpoint's expert consultants can help you answer the questions: should I use a robot and what kind of robot will best fit my application and budget?

Pick and Place

Pick and place solutions are perfect for simple, repetitive part transfer processes.  More complex applications like sorting, multi-process transfers, and part recognition require more advanced solutions that robotics solve.  Setpoint will design the perfect part-handling solution to fit your unique needs and stay within your budget.


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